Massage Treatments

Let Helena & Jackie be responsible for your massage treatments which can be tailored just for you.  Both of which are members of the L.C.S.P

Jacki is also a trained Medical Acupuncturist.

It is estimated by the medical profession that 80% of conditions are stress related, from headaches, digestive problems to generalised discomfort due to tension.  A regular massage may be what you need to help you enjoy life pain free.

There are many forms of arthritis. As yet there is no complete cure for these conditions, but symptoms may be eased, including the range of movement available and reduction of pain and discomfort.  Massage is recommended by the Arthritic Association.

There are many other conditions that can benefit greatly from increasing the circulation and joint range of motion, such as Parkinson's disease or MS.

Our massage is an ideal treatment for any sports person or anyone involved in regular exercise.  It’s a great monitoring system which can easily identify any muscle or muscle groups that may have been over or under worked, which in turn could lead to compensation patterns in the rest of the body.  Helena and Jackie have many years of experience in this therapy and will happily give advice on stretching or strengthening. Massage can be an ideal relaxation treatment for busy people. It is a great way to de-stress, helping to reduce neck and shoulder stiffness and headaches. Our massage is not ‘A Clarins massage’ but can be extremely relaxing.


Hydrotherm massage is being massaged whilst you lay face up on warm water filled cushions.  Helena works with oiled hands between your body and the cushions to give a deep, relaxing massage.  Hydrotherm is ideal for anyone, but particularly if you are not comfortable lying on your front.

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