Wayne Girdlestone is our Chartered Physiotherapists and HPC Registered.                                                        

He has many years of experience and offer individualised treatments for musculoskeletal injuries, ailments and dysfunction, and rehabilitation after surgery or injury.

  1. Bullet    Injuries

  2. Bullet    post operative rehabilitation

  3. Bullet    neck/shoulder/back problems

  4. Bullet    knee & hip troubles

  5. Bullet    sprains & strains

  6. Bullet    tennis or golfers elbow

  7. Bullet    plantar fasciitis

  8. Bullet    carpel tunnel

  9. Bullet    headaches

  10. Bullet    biomechanics problems

  11. Bullet    arthritic conditions

  12. Bullet    gait analysis

  13. Bullet    postural correction

Treatments can begin even immediately after injury to repair damaged tissue and loss of mobility. Strengthening work after muscular or joint injury is also an important part of the healing process to reduce the risk of re-injury and enable you to get back to full fitness.

Wayne uses a wide range of soft tissue modalities to help speed up your recovery; soft tissue release, positional release therapy, trigger point, mobilisation, exercise therapy, ultrasound and advice and education. We can also provide gait analysis and postural correction.

Two of Wayne’s lesser known soft tissue techniques that we use at our clinic are:

‘ART’ is a soft tissue management system and is so different it has been granted a medical patent in the United States. Click here to find out more about this effective therapy. Wayne is an ‘ART’ provider and annually updates his skills in America.

The Graston Technique is a soft
tissue treatment using instruments, this technique has been proven be a very effective as a treatment as it is particularly effective in helping to break down adhesions/scar tissue in muscles. Click here to find out more.

Your first appointment with a Physiotherapist will involve a consultation, assessment and treatment of your condition. You will be given aftercare advice, which may involve ice/heat, stretching, Kinesio taping or strengthening. Further treatment options will then be discussed with you and a follow up treatment arranged. 

Physiotherapy treatments are covered by most private

healthcare companies or you can self refer.

We accept Credit Cards

If you would like to know if Wayne can help you either telephone: 0121 240 7372 or

e-mail wgclinic@hotmail.co.uk.


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